1.Perfect Ten Review Overall

Perfect Ten is a freehold property in the heart of District 10, which is ideally placed along Bukit Timah Road. It makes it an outstanding option for both residential & investment purposes.
Perfect Ten has a great location and a generous retail area, with easy access to the MRT, shopping malls, and other recreational facilities. Its prime location in Bukit Timah Road also makes it a desirable residential destination for both investors & home buyers alike.
The property is presently divided into three units, each of which are A-Grade Category 1 (A1) high-rises comprising 2 floors each with 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Unit A1 is only available for purchase from 1st Oct 2017 onwards, while units A2 & A3 are only available for sale from 30th May 2018 onwards.
Unit B1 comprises the first floor level with its own entrance facing towards Bukit Timah Road; Unit B2 comprises the second floor level with its own entrance facing towards Bukit Timah Road; and Unit B3 comprises the third floor level with its own entrance facing towards Bukit Timah Road. Each unit consists of 3 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms.
Unit A1 consists of a living room on the ground floor which can be accessed via an internal staircase from the living room to either side of the house; kitchen area on one side of this living room; storage room on one side of this living room; dining room on two sides of this living room; reception area on two sides of this living room; open kitchen area on one side of this living room; separate bathroom (4 x 4 square meters) on one side of this living room; toilet area on one side of this living room: 4 x 4 square meters). The kitchen area also has access to view to Central Park from the first floor level through glass doors leading outside and front door leading into the street upon entering into Unit A1 through back doors leading out onto Bukit Timah Road.
Unit B2 consists of 2 levels comprising kitchen area(20 x 15 square meters); dining area(14 x 14 square meters); open kitchen(7 x 7 square meters); bathroom(7 x 7 square meters)on top floor level having its own exit facing towards Bukit Timah Road: 7 x 7 square meters). The first level has access to view to Central Park from top floor level through glass doors leading outside and back door leading out onto Bukit Timah Road upon entering into Unit B2 through

2. Perfect Ten’s location


Perfect Ten has been featured in the Singapore Property Guide, Singapore Living Magazine and The Straits Times, among many others, in recent years. In early December 2012, it was reviewed by an expert in the field who rated it a ‘5*. This rating is considered to be very high and is given by respected experts as a sign of great potential in both building quality and performance.

3. The amenities nearby

A new property can be exciting, especially if it’s a unique property that would change the way people look at city living in Singapore.
But when you combine this with just being a “new” property that’s not yet on the market, you run the risk of overlooking some very important details. So, to save you from making mistakes and wasting your time, here are all the important things to take care of before you start looking for a new home to rent or buy!
Location: This is important because it affects your search for property as well as your decision about whether to buy or rent. You want to be sure that what you’re looking for is within walking distance from where you live. A lot of people forget this when they set out their ideal location. They end up looking at places that are far away from where they actually live, thus putting themselves at a disadvantage in comparison to those who live near by. However, if you do take the time and effort to check out properties nearby, you will find that there are plenty of options available near Bukit Timah Road without having to go far off-site.
Price: This also matters since it affects how much rent/sale price you can expect as well as your ease of access when dealing with local agents and solicitors on your behalf.
Condo Info: Look for information about current deals and special offers on condo units at Perfect Ten and other nearby developments like Bukit Merah Gardens & Bukit Timah Place . If there aren’t any special offers available on these properties yet, then what’s the point? They would have already been announced!
Parking: When looking for a new property in Singapore, it is crucial that we do our research carefully before making a final choice on which one is best suited for our needs. It might be tempting to consider renting or buying an apartment with only a small parking space due to its location being convenient but don’t forget that parking spaces at residential units is usually included in their rental price so it might not be worth paying extra if we don’t need it during the initial term of our lease (as opposed to buying an apartment without any parking space). That said, most apartment owners tend to provide parking spaces so if we are able to accommodate our needs during rental periods (such as going shopping), then we can afford such extras without breaking our budget too much. You also need to talk

4. The development history of the freehold property

Perfect Ten is a brand new development in the heart of Bukit Timah, just a few hundred meters away from the Central Business District (CBD) and just 3 minutes to the Sentosa Island. The development is a lifestyle project which offers an array of amenities, including an outdoor swimming pool, parking space for cars and motorcycles, and a clubhouse with internet access.
The project will be completed by January next year and it will be environmentally friendly with green features such as rainwater harvesting and recycled water for the swimming pool.
The unit prices range from $1.15 million to $1.80 million depending on floor area ratio (FAR). The unit that feature 2 bedrooms & 1 toilet comprises of 26sqm with an area of 42sqm, while the unit that feature 3 bedrooms & 1 toilet has 27 sqm size with an area of 53 sqm. The units sold out in less than 12 hours!

5. The building layout and facilities

Do you want your property to remain in a pristine state for as long as possible?
No, you won’t find that in the perfect ten review. This is a special feature that will help you decide whether or not to buy or rent your property.
In this article, we will be describing how the layout of Perfect Ten affects your property’s performance. We will also take into consideration the features and facilities available at Perfect Ten that might make it an even more suitable property for you.

6. How to register interest in the freehold property

In this review, we are going to discuss the features of a freehold property that has been recently announced. This is the third such property that has been in the news after being launched by the developer, Hushu Group. With a total of 33 units and 3 storeys, it’s an ideal home for both families and investors alike.
The first thing that you will notice about Perfect Ten is its location. Situated along Bukit Timah Road, it is ideally placed for both residential and investment purposes. It also provides easy access to shopping malls like Bukit Batok Food Centre and Bukit Merah , as well as to other major shopping centres like Ayala Malls, SM Megamall & Citylife Mall.
As far as amenities are concerned, you will find that the property contains a fully-equipped gymnasium within the building which can be rented out by tenants at an affordable price. There’s also a swimming pool which can be accessed during certain hours (for example, from dawn till noon). Grilling facilities are also available nearby for those who wish to enjoy outdoor activities during their leisure time.
Just six minutes walk from Perdana MRT Station on North South Line and less than one minute walk from SM Megamall , Perfect Ten is a prime choice if you want to live in a residential area but want to be close to shopping malls like Bukit Batok Food Centre & Ayala Mall . It’s also perfect if you are planning on buying an investment property here since it’s located close to several major roads like Jalan Sultan Ismail & Jalan Sultan Ismail .


The purpose of this article is to describe the ideal circumstances for purchasing a perfect ten property in Singapore. To achieve this, we have provided a summary of the current condominium market and performed a review of the 5 perfect ten properties currently available in Singapore.
The description presented here is based on our experience from closing the purchase agreement for one of these units, which was completed in April 2015.
The following is an overview of the main features: – Location – The property is located within walking distance to shopping malls, banks, schools and other facilities as well as being close to public transport (MRT) stations such as Bukit Timah MRT Station and Bukit Batok MRT Station (approximately 5-10 minutes walk). – Unit Size & Amenities – The primary focus of this property is on rental income and hence only one bedroom units are available. As such, unit sizes range from 1 – 3 bedrooms and feature varying layout options including open plan living spaces with large picture windows overlooking the street or traditional layout options with private bathrooms. – Amenities – The main amenity offered by this unit is that there are no restrictions on how long you can stay. However, there are some restrictions imposed by the developer regarding: – No smoking anywhere onsite – No pets allowed inside unit – No parties within 270 days prior to purchase of this property (this period can be extended up to 1 year). If you wish to extend it beyond that period, you will need to pay a fee depending on how much longer you wish to extend it (a maximum fee of $1K applies). However, if you decide not to extend your stay after receiving approval from your developer, you will still need to pay a termination fee depending on whether you wish to keep your rental payments from before or after your extension period (the maximum fee for terminating at any time after receiving approval for extension beyond 270 days is $1K) .

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